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Returning To The Roost....

Sunny weather, smiles, and much relief have been very much in evidence as pubs opened their doors - or garden gates - to let customers on to their premises for the first time in months. It is not a complete return to normality, but this first step has unleashed a collective sense of pleasure at being able to meet up with others once again.... Last weekend around these parts, we had had snow and low temperatures which did not bode well for the outside opening of the first pubs last Monday, 12th April. Fortune was to smile though on the brave pub goer, and whilst it was not particularly warm, the sun was shining and inviting. Tables were waiting in yards and beer gardens, car parks and anticipation, marquees and gazebos on stand-by, bunting hung, staff primed and ready to go. It has been a desperately hard time for the hospitality sector and those that could were determined to make the most of the chance to re-open. And the pubs rose to the occasion. Splendidly. Glad to see customers aga

Waiting and Anticipating....

There has been a growing and almost palpable sense of anticipation as the days wind down to the re-opening of pubs for outdoor sales. Many places have adapted existing outside space, some have hired marquees, some have extended beer gardens. The scene is almost set - can this really be the beginning of the end of the lockdown? Here's a few thoughts.... Beer deliveries returning this week to the Grayston Unity, Halifax I have to admit, I am getting quite excited. Giddy, almost, at the prospect of the first pubs finally opening for service next week for the first time in these parts since last Autumn. Yes, it will only be a few of them, and it will be outside only for a few weeks, but it is a return of sorts. And I can't wait.  And I think this time around, compared to last summer, the general mood is more determined, less hesitant, more assured. Yes, there is bound to be some hesitation, some fears, but the efforts of many places in updating or expanding beer gardens, creating s