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Chris Wood: Troubadour for our Times

I apologised to Chris Wood after his excellent gig at Halifax's Square Chapel. I also thanked him, we shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, slapped arms round shoulders, and then he signed my CD. Chris was in town, I'd not seen him before, but I'd enjoyed a couple of his albums, the last one 'None The Wiser' - one of my top albums of 2013 - and 'Trespasser', from a few years back. He started off with a new song, the name of which I can't remember - and then moved on to the superb 'None the Wiser', which is a brilliant summation of life in a provincial town, with the pound shops and bookies. Songs then flowed about normal life - kids, retirement, non-league football (written after a visit to his local team, Faversham Town, from the Ryman South, for those who are interested) - in short, common themes that many of us can relate to.  All the time in between he was talking, anecdotes and apologies flowing with humour and wry observations, as he pic