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Chris Wood: Troubadour for our Times

I apologised to Chris Wood after his excellent gig at Halifax's Square Chapel. I also thanked him, we shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, slapped arms round shoulders, and then he signed my CD.

Chris was in town, I'd not seen him before, but I'd enjoyed a couple of his albums, the last one 'None The Wiser' - one of my top albums of 2013 - and 'Trespasser', from a few years back.

He started off with a new song, the name of which I can't remember - and then moved on to the superb 'None the Wiser', which is a brilliant summation of life in a provincial town, with the pound shops and bookies. Songs then flowed about normal life - kids, retirement, non-league football (written after a visit to his local team, Faversham Town, from the Ryman South, for those who are interested) - in short, common themes that many of us can relate to. All the time in between he was talking, anecdotes and apologies flowing with humour and wry observations, as he picked an…

Bellowhead: The End of the Road

News has just broken that multi-instrumental folk band Bellowhead are to split, following their final tour which is due to end in Spring, 2016. This follows singer Jon Boden's decision to leave, with the rest of the band deciding they didn't want to carry on without their charismatic front man. 

For those that don't know them, Bellowhead have over the past few years introduced folk music to a much wider market, not by compromising the traditional aspects of the music but by making it sound fresh both when recorded and, even more so, in their amazing live performances. Bellowhead live were guaranteed to get even the most reluctant feet moving, indeed they were responsible for the only mosh pit I have ever seen at a folk gig! They were a band where it was obvious that they thrived on playing live, and within touring schedules that lasted for months at a time they played such diverse places as Glastonbury and the Proms. Their music had a very English feel to it, with tradition…