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The Best Pubs in Manchester

OK, it's my view but when my friend Laura asked me if I could recommend any pubs for a visit she was planning to Manchester with boyfriend Dale I said, "No problem, tell you what I'll put it in a blog!"  So here goes.... When it comes to Manchester I have form. I've lived there, studied there and worked there and so have been in the city a few times for a pint.... The Marble Arch If you only have time to visit one pub in Manchester it has to be the one at 73 Rochdale Road, aka the Marble Arch, just up the road from the new Co-op building. This is a classic street corner city pub, with a superb tiled interior, a sloping floor that follows the line of Gould Street which leads off the corner on which it stands, and of course the fantastic Marble beers, which until recently were brewed on site. The food, whilst- like the beer - is not the cheapest, is top-notch too, and when the weather is good the beer garden at the back is a marvellous sun trap. Marble