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Back to the Lakes

Sat in the Sun Hotel, Coniston. And I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Today I walked up my first proper Lakeland fell for a few years. Pleased because I had sort of given up. OK, recent company had not been up for it, and I suppose I used it as an excuse for not doing anything too strenuous.  Along with my age, my weight, any excuse, you name it.

But today, as I drove to Langdale to 'look at the view', I saw those fantastic fells and the old desire took over. I needed to give it a go again and so it was that I parked up at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

I decided to do Pike O'Blisco because I'd done it several times and with the weather at that point being showery I didn't want to try anything too 'ambitious'. Passing the farm at Stool End, with the slopes from the Oxendale valley looking ever steeper, I began to question my decision. Walking, huffing, and puffing up those steep slopes, I realised I had lost my marbles completely.

But...I carried on. F…

The Unfortunate Reality

At the moment the media is dominated by the terrible news coming out of eastern Ukraine where flight MH17 crashed losing almost 300 lives(most probably a monumental cock-up down to some incompetent pro-Russian separatist not really knowing how to operate that Buk surface-to-air missile they had 'acquired') and yet again, Gaza, where daily there are distressing images of children and ordinary people being killed. 

Whilst we here are free and able to drink real ale, and listen to real music, all that pales into insignificance compared to the pain and suffering being experienced in many parts of the world ranging from the Netherlands to Australia, from the Middle East to here in the UK. And this doesn't take into account Mali, Afghanistan and god knows where else where innocent people are losing their lives over often what are very murky issues.

So, whilst we sip our pint, or chill out to that great tune, there are people all over the world who, for reasons political, social, e…

Brazil 1, Germany 7 - A Nation Mourns

In all my years of watching football - and I'm up to my half century - Brazil have almost always been the team to beware of. Even in the periods when they weren't at their best, you misjudged and underrated them at your peril.

Tonight's 7-1 demolition by Germany was not only breathtaking, it was ground-breaking and possibly game-changing. The ease with which the Germans  scored almost at will, with Klose becoming the highest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup en route was a shock to even the most seasoned commentator.

The Brazilian team, tonight without their injured talisman, Neymar, but with the likes of Fred, Hulk and David Luiz in their ranks, were simply not good enough. Having scraped to victory earlier on in games against frankly better teams like Mexico and Chile, and then limped into the semis, they more than met their match against an awesome German team.

How the Brazilian team recovers from this is uncertain. The fact it was in their own country makes it w…