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A Bit about Beach House

This weekend I have been listening to Beach House's classic 2012 album, 'Bloom'. A few months since I last listened to it, it was great to hear its sublime melodies once again.

For those of you that don't know them, Beach House are a duo from Baltimore whose stock in trade is dreamy melancholic vocals by French-born Victoria Legrand set over shimmering keyboards. The other band member is Alex Scally, who plays keyboards,guitar and provides backing vocals. Their music is chock full of melodic twists and turns which makes it constantly interesting to listen to.

I first came across Beach House when a track appeared on a free CD given away with 'Uncut' and I've never heard them on the radio. I've never seen them live and I've only got the one album, but nevertheless on what I have heard I would put them up there as one of my favourite bands. 

Hopefully there'll be a new album out this year. Ever since 2006 they've released an album at 2 year interv…